viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Musical Inspiration# Roses...

Hello everybody! I've been a little bit tired those days, but now, I want to show you one of my musical (and style) inspirations: Yes I'm talking about Guns and Roses. This band is one of my favorite ones, was formed in 1985 in L.A. It's a hard rock band, and they made a revolution when they relased their first CD (ok, I wasn't born, but my parents told me and Wikipedia says the same so... ¬¬' ). Those videos I show you below are of two beautiful songs, and the videos are just awesome. Hope you'll enjoy it!

 P.S. Don't miss the Slash's solo at November rain!

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  1. omg!! how bout sweet child of mine?? my favourite!!!

    1. The quality of the video wasn't good as Patience and November Rain, so I put those ones...

      :) It's one of my favourites too

  2. wouah ca me rappelle quand j'étais jeune ahah! j'adorais!

    bon dimanche

  3. Coucou, étant donné que j'ai étais bcp absente ces derniers temps sur la blogo, je viens te prévenir qu'il y à du nouveau sur mon Blog. :)

    N'hésite pas à venir jeter un petit coup d'oeil.

    xOxO TodayOutfit.

  4. Super post!!!
    Angela Donava

  5. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses

  6. I grew up listening to this in the early 90s...cuz my older brother is way too older than me. november rain, hearts for this song. cool site! ;)

    Hope you can check out mine too!